Salon size hair products

Salon size hair products made by HSA Nouvelle

HSA Nouvelle is the brand specifically created to treat each and every hair issue in a professional and effective way. Our salon size hair products are indeed made for hairdressers looking for new, sensational formulas to offer their clientele.


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Quality and safety are at the top of our priorities, along with responsiveness and inclusivity. This is why we offer the widest range of salon size hair products and focus our almost 40 years of experience on the creation of unique lines you won't find on the market. And once you go HSA Nouvelle, you can rest assured that you will never come back!


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Nouvelle's best salon size hair products

Discover our best salon size hair products, each designed to address specific hair needs and elevate your salon services.

  • ESPRESSOTIME - The quickest hair color solution you'll ever find. It covers every white hair, rejuvenates previous color dyes, and balances hair porosity in just 10 minutes. The perfect choice for busy salons
  • SANI HABIT - Elevate your salon's hygiene standards with our multi-action line. Detoxify, cleanse, and nourish hair, scalp, and. body with natural ingredients like Italian honey, essential oils, and charcoal
  • COLOR EFFECTIVE - Keep up with increasing bleach requests effortlessly. Our salon size hair products include the most effective formulas for hair bleaching, along with a wide range of permanent color creams and gentle formulas that protect hair from damage
  • PAINT BANG - Add a burst of color to your salon services with our ammonia-free permanent direct dyes. Choose from a wide. range of shades for long-lasting, eccentric looks.
  • SCALP HABIT - With 9 innovative products, this line combines biotechnology, plant science, and medically-inspired ingredients to target scalp issues like oily scalp, irritation, dandruff, and hair loss.


The fastest hair color line ever. Espressotime is a line that includes salon size hair products to take care of color-treated strands. And it works in just 10 minutes! The technology developed for this line is unprecedented.

It was created by HSA Nouvelle's incredible lab with formulations that cover every white hair, revive every previous color dye, remove every stain, and help balance hair porosity.


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Here are the salon size hair products you will find in Espressotime:

Stain Remover


Color Block




10 Min Hair Color


Color effective

Is your clientele asking you to bleach their hair more and more frequently? Then Color Effective is the line you need. These salon size hair products include the most effective formula ever for hair bleaching. No black hair in sight with our powder deco!

With Color Effective will also have permanent color cream in many many shades as well as gentle formulas that protect and prevent any type of damage to the hair.


Take a look at all the salon size hair products available in this line:

Touch Color Cream




Activator special


Clear Fluid


Paint Bang

As its name suggests, Paint Bang is an explosion of color to perform on your customers' hair. These salon size hair products are ammonia-free permanent direct dyes that come in infinite shades and tones.

They are certainly the best choice to deliver an eccentric look that is also long-lasting.


Here are all the salon size hair products available in this line

Earth Ash Violet


Jupiter Orange


Make Make Rose


Mars Red


Scalp Habit

Scalp Habit is your go-to solution for addressing common scalp and hair issues while offering your clients an unparalleled hair care experience. It's not just a response to industry trends; it's a revolution in haircare.


Incorporating the latest trend of hairceuticals, our innovative line of 9 products targets concerns such as oily scalp, irritation, dandruff, and hair loss. We've combined biotechnology, plant science, and medically-inspired ingredients to create scientifically backed formulations.

Our commitment to clean and sustainable practices shines through with 89% to 98% natural active ingredients and 80% to 97% biodegradable components. Say goodbye to harmful substances like silicones, parabens, SLS/SLES, MEA, EDTA, PEG, and paraffin.


With Scalp Habit, you can offer your clients effective, eco- conscious, and trendsetting hair and scalp care options

Purifying Shampoo