Professional hair color manufacturers

HSA Nouvelle, Brand and Manufacturer of Professional Hair Colors

Come discover the manufacturing capabilities of HSA Nouvelle when it comes to professional hair color!

Endless shades and astonishing results are always guaranteed in our solutions – thanks to the long-established knowledge we can offer you.

HSA Nouvelle’s know-how + top-notch manufacturing process = the best professional hair colors

It’s no secret that HSA Nouvelle is the best professional hair color manufacturer. What you might not know are the reasons why we are so established and appreciated worldwide. And the answer to that question is pretty simple: thanks to our professional hair color products.

Let’s get to know what we’re talking about:

Espressotime: the fastest professional hair color we’ve been able to manufacture. Easy application, incredible performance, and the best results ever! All this in 10 minutes only.

Paint Bang: the semi-permanent direct hair color line born from our professional manufacturing processes. Here, you’ll find ammonia-free dyes in the most exuberant shades.

Color Glow: a direct coloring mask line that not only brightens your customers’ hair tone but also stimulates hair restructuring and moisture.

Lively: a vegan, PPD, and ammonia-free line of products for bleaching. Nope, no irritation or damage is included in these solutions, which offer the brightest color ever while reviving each strand.

Color Effective: another bleaching line that includes the most specific and accurate bleach powders, creams, and developers for professional hairdressers.

This line offers also the best professional toner for blonde hair.


The manufacturing of our professional hair color products: this is how we do

As an Italian professional hair color manufacturer, HSA Nouvelle cares deeply about the whole manufacturing process of our hair care lines, from conception to market launch. Throughout all these phases, we add special ingredients that make our product stand out from the rest.

We’re talking about:

40 years of experience in the field
international knowledge of the market
• products entirely made in Italy
• a pop and vibrant aesthetic
• the uniqueness and effectiveness of each formula
endless color hues available

With HSA Nouvelle’s professional hair color, you can rest assured that you can count on a manufacturer whose goal is to inspire your salon and make your clients go wow. Our products have the X factor you’re looking for because they’re pure art and fashion mixed in an outstanding hair solution.

Why you should ask for professional hair color manufacturers

Facing the need to buy products for your hairdressing salon, you might be looking around and having a hard time finding what’s best for your business. You’re not to blame, there are so many hair care brands out there and it’s easy to feel lost.

What we suggest – always and forever – is to seek help from professional hair color manufacturers. Now, let us highlight the word professional. It’s imperative to understand that this term comes with high-quality, effective, and nourishing solutions that not everyone is able to supply you with.

For example, you won’t indeed find professional hair color manufacturing products in drugstores! Of course, those products are less expensive, but they come with short-lasting and not-so-soothing effects.

On the other hand, your clientele needs reconstruction, strength, hydration, and nourishment after undergoing a coloring treatment. And the best results can only be achieved through professional hair colors – such as those we manufacture!

This professional hair color manufacturer is waiting for you 

Rely on HSA Nouvelle's high quality and supply your hairdressing salon with the best solutions around now!