Espresso time

ESPRESSO TIME. In just 10 minutes, this permanent colouring ritual guarantees

maximum results in terms of hair shine and coverage,

reducing by 70% the time needed at the
salon for the colour service.

Maximum effectiveness in the minimum amount of time!

All the mentioned products contain coffee.

Espresso time: the market

In the current market, we are witnessing increasingly hectic paces of life. A growing number of people must juggle their work and personal commitments, making it increasingly challenging to even take a short break.

This challenge is further complicated due to the new stringent hygiene and health regulations imposed on the hairdressing sector.

These rules include the need to maintain a safe distance between workstations, mandatory sanitization of tools, the use of masks and gloves, as well as mandatory reservations.

All of these requirements result in longer processes and necessitate more time to serve the same number of customers.

6 Results

Stain Remover


Color Block




10 Min Hair Color


Color Barrier


Espresso time's active ingredients

Green Fermented Coffee

Espresso time's olfactory pyramid

Discover the fragrance

  • Green Leafy, Galbanum, Ananas/Rose

  • Peach, Lily Of The Valley/ White Musk

  • VanillaCoffee & Vanilla