Hair products for professional use

Here's a question: where do professionals buy hair products? There are so many options out there... Some of them find a distributor, others go directly to a private label manufacturer. Some others even shop at their local drugstore, which is probably the worst choice for their clientele.


On this page, we delve into:

But there's another option to consider when buying hair products for professionals only, and that is... Asking HSA Nouvelle, of course! Swim upstream of the hair care market and choose the best lines in our catalog.

Nouvelle's range of hair products used by professionals.

Why choose HsA Nouvelle's hair products for professional use? In a world where there are too many options that can get you confused, search for the most fundamental hair care values: our formulas are great, effective, and loved by hairdressers - and you're next!

Stop wasting time on deciding which brand is best for your salon: we are! Take a look at all the lines we uniquely develop to treat each and every hair type and issue, and give your clientele a valuable solution.

Hair care products for professional hair coloring

Color Glow

Color Glow is an exceptional coloring line that includes hair products for professionals only. You will find everything your. clientele needs to dye and maintain their hair colors but also revitalize and protect the strands.


Rev up, for example, is a hair product used by professionals that 

guarantees effective and long-lasting results. It's a direct coloring mask - available in many hues - that brightens, restructures, and moisturizes the hair.


Espressotime, instead, is a line with hair products that. professionals use to promptly and uniformly dye their. customer's locks. How so? Because as its name suggests, this cream only takes 10 minutes to deliver its action - and the results are incredible.


The benefits that Espressotime allows are:

• total white hair coverage
• long-lasting performance
• stain removal from the scalp
• balanced hair porosity

Paint Bang

Another top-quality hair coloring line is Paint Bang, a full range of ammonia-free hair products used by professionals. These semi. permanent direct dyes come in infinite tones and effectively create an explosion of color on your clientele's strands.


Lasting up to 20 washes, this is the perfect solution for those. customers who look for a new, eccentric style to show off.


Our professional hair color products are just what your. customers need. What are you waiting for?

Hair products professional use to volomize hair

Body Booster

If your clientele asks you to help them with their fine hair, here's the solution for them: Body Booster is the perfect line for volumizing! Its hair products for professionals only are definitely the right solution for this issue.


Its special formula instantly adds volume and body to the hair, while nourishing and moisturizing at the same time. This is because it is able to give support to the roots and leave the hair soft and shiny.

Hair care products for professionals use to repair and nourish the hair

Double Effect

If your clientele is looking for the right solution to treat damaged hair, here's a line you should definitely introduce them to: Double Effect. This formula is also 100% nourishing, giving dry hair the best possible hydration and leaving it shiny and silky as new.


These hair products for professional use protect your hair even from every aggressor - even from heat damage caused by blow dryers, for instance. You will find restoring ingredients such as hydrolyzed keratin and wheat proteins, hop extract, avocado oil, and cocoa butter.

Hair care products for professional hair styling


Re-styling is the widest assortment of hair styling products you'll ever find on the market. We have developed different. lines to fix, discipline, and make your clientele's strands look glossier.


Pure creativity exudes from these hair care products for professionals because they allow every hairdresser to be totally free in styling cool and unique looks on their customer's heads with long-lasting effects.

Nouvelle's Made in Italy hair care products for professionals.

When we think of what HSA Nouvelle is today, we can't not think about our almost 40 years of experience as a brand for hair salons. Our growth as a company that develops hair care products used by professionals has been unprecedented and has led us to become established on the international market.

This wouldn't have been possible without the know-how of our excellent team of experts: our Italian internal lab, in fact, is synonymous with quality, innovation, and responsiveness. The formulas we create are aimed at meeting every hair type need and - according to the satisfaction of the professionals that work with us - we are doing the best job ever!

What are you waiting for?

It's time for you to find out about HsA Nouvelle's hair care products for professionals!