Professional semi permanent hair dye

Discover the amazing world of professional semi permanent hair dyes!

Are you ready to embark your customers on a hair transformation journey that combines style, versatility, and ease? Look at our professional semi-permanent hair dye.

In this article, we'll delve into what professional semi-permanent hair dye is all about and how it works its magic. Plus, we'll introduce you to Nouvelle's top-notch selection of professional semi-permanent hair dyes that will take the hair game to the next level.

What is a prefessional Semi-permanent hair dye and how does it work?

Professional semi-permanent hair dye is a temporary hair coloring solution that provides rich, vibrant shades without the long-term commitment of permanent hair dye

Typically, semi-permanent colors have a lifespan of a few weeks, gradually fading away after approximately 12 to 15 washes and work depositing color pigments onto the hair's cuticle, enhancing the natural hair hue or transforming it into a stunning new shade. 

Unlike permanent dyes, which penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, these products fade gradually with each wash, offering flexibility and versatility.

Professional semi-permanent dyes typically lack ammonia or other harsh chemicals, making them a kinder option for the hair. This means your customers can experiment with various colors, create stunning highlights, or refresh the current shade without major damage or commitment.

Discover Nouvelle's best professional semi-permanent hair dye

When it comes to professional semi-permanent hair dye, Nouvelle stands out as a trusted brand that delivers exceptional results. Let's take a look at some of Nouvelle's best offerings.

Paint Bang

Paint Bang is our ammonia-free, semi-permanent direct hair coloring specially formulated to help achieve a unique and eccentric look. With a true burst of vibrant colors, your customers have the freedom to personalize their style by mixing multiple shades. And here's the best part: the paint holds up flawlessly for up to 10 or 20 washes, ensuring long-lasting brilliance that will turn heads wherever you go!

Thanks to all our colors, we can create standard and light pastel shades!

Color Glow

Color Glow offers a professional semi-permanent hair color range created to maintain, protect, and revive a multitude of stunning tones. Formulated with nourishing hydrolyzed cereal proteins and keratin, these products provide deep hydration and strength to hair, ensuring it looks and feels its best.

• Rev Up: these fantastic direct coloring masks are perfect for applying to your clients' hair to enhance and brighten the tone, revitalize and moisturize the strands and effectively cover gray hair for a flawless finish

• Revi oil: this immediate-effect revitalizing oil is perfect for those with dry, sensitized hair or hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments or excessive styling.


This is just the beginning! Discover all our professional semi permanent hair dye!


Why choose nouvelle for hair coloring?

Here's why you should totally go for Nouvelle's Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Dye:

 Amazing Quality: Nouvelle is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality hair products. Our Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is no exception. You can trust that all these products meet professional standards and provide stunning results.

 Versatility: we offer a rainbow of shades in our Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Dye collection. Whether people are looking for a subtle change or a bold transformation, they’ll find the perfect color to express their style and personality

 Gentle Formulation: we perfectly understand the importance of caring for hair. Our professional Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes are formulated without harsh chemicals like ammonia, ensuring a gentler coloring experience that minimizes damage to hair

 Long-Lasting Results: Nouvelle's formula is designed to provide long-lasting color. You can enjoy vibrant shades that stay vibrant for an extended period, allowing customers to rock their desired look for longer


What are you waiting for? Give your customers the colored hair they always wanted with Nouvelle’s best solutions!