Kera sublime

Kera-Sublime is the keratin-based hair straightening treatment that imparts that unmistakable and classic "mirror effect" to your hair, providing a touch of softness and silkiness.

Kera sublime: the market

Nowadays, keratin hair straightening treatment is one of the most popular treatments on the market and is aimed at a varied public: from very curly hair to smooth hair with a tendency to frizz that just needs a touch of softness and silkiness.

In addition to the need for a chemical straightening treatment, there is also a strong demand from the end consumer for a simple and compact maintenance routine that increases the durability of the results obtained in the salon. The Nouvelle laboratories have devised a cutting-edge straightening treatment that is absolutely safe and supported by a routine of high-performance maintenance products.

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Kera sublime's active ingredients

Glyoxylic Acid & Amino Sublime Complex

Hydrolysed Keratin

Grape Seed Oil

Kera sublime's olfactory pyramid

Discover the fragrance


Fresh and fruity grape-based


Fruity nectarine-based


Sweet and fruity with a plum base