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With the synergic action of precious and high-performance oils such as Jojoba, Monoi and Argan oils and a powerful blend of wheat protein and amino acids, these 8 products are ideal for frequent use on all types of hair: from the finest to normal and thick hair types. Every You Nouvelle is a range of products studied to fulfill the demands of all our clients from all over the world who are searching for personalized haircare routines specific to the type and condition of their hair. The range acts delicately on the scalp, perfectly cleansing and hydrating without altering the equilibrium of the skin and leaving hair with that glossy feel that everyone craves.

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When talking about hair care and health, we increasingly refer to the need for frequent washing: on one hand, the atmospheric pollution that quickly dirties hair and, on the other, the sweat of the epidermis, considering the increasing popularity of gyms or, more generally, a frenetic lifestyle and one which includes sports amongst the main set weekly appointments. Last but not least, there is also the need to always be impeccable, with a perfumed, clean, and bouncy head of hair. Faced with this kind of scenario, it is obvious that there is a growth in demand for products for daily use, but which are, at the same time, delicate and not harmful to skin or hair.

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    Mandarin, Orange Peel, Cherry,
    Vanilla, Icing Sugar
    Lime, Vanilla, Caramel, Iris Milk,
    Sichuan Pepper
    Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Iris Rootstock