Rev up

Direct coloration mask, which in a single step provides three actions to enhance the beauty of hair: revive the color, restructure, and moisturize.

Rev up: the market

In recent years, the trend of semi-permanent hair coloring has become very popular, allowing for a temporary transformation and enabling creative expression without long-term commitments.

Nouvelle has created Rev Up, a line of direct-colouring masks that enhance the beauty of the hair by improving its shine, hydration and combability. They are without ammonia or developer and are therefore gentler and safer for the scalp and hair.

Masks also provide a temporary solution for those seeking to extend the time between permanent colour treatments or those who prefer not to engage in regular touch-ups.

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Rev up's active ingredients


Hydrolysed Rice Proteins

Rev up's olfactory pyramid

Discover the fragrance


Lemon, Pink grapefruit, Orange peel, Curly mint, Eucalyptus


Orange blossom, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Pelargonium


Iris rhizomes, White woods