Italian Professional hair products

Feeling like shaking things up with your hair?

Nouvelle creates an immense variety of Italian professional hair products, specifically studied and designed to meet the needs of salons and hairdressers.


Since its very first start, Nouvelle has brought innovation and excellence through professional hair products.


We imposed ourselves as a leading supplier thanks to 100% made in Italy manufacturing processes.


Hair professionals choose Nouvelle thanks to the quality of Italian professional hair products. We boast 40 years of experience in this field, and we are present in over 80 countries globally. Hair care, hair color, and hair styling have no secrets for us.

Nouvelle’s Essence

When our customers think about us, we want them to think about quality, inclusivity, innovation, awareness, and state-of-the-art and glamorous Italian professional hair products. Essentially, what brought us here is being able to create something that can help people improve the health of their hair.


Nouvelle is colorful, exuberant, creative. We are also very responsive: adaptability is a key value. We manufacture shampoos and treatments for people of all ages and hair types and colors.


Our DNA is pure art: we give hair professionals the perfect instruments to help their clientele reach a new, groundbreaking beauty.

Nouvelle’s Service

Our desire is to connect with hairdressers and supply them with the perfect treatments. Their clientele will love our Italian professional hair products and will want to buy more and more! We provide new impulses and opportunities to grow in the market and broaden customer bases.

Nouvelle is an inspiring brand always up to date with the latest trends. We create, implement and design products that meet the needs of everyone. Our wide range of solutions varies from shampoos to conditioners and treatments.


First of all, our professional hair products are easy to use: they contain only essential and soothing ingredients. Second of all, they are extremely performing, because they guarantee a powerful and long-lasting effect.

Nouvelle’s strength

Our prices are competitive, and both big and small hairdressers can afford our Italian professional hair products. And so can their customers. Because we don’t do it for ourselves, we do it for you and you only.


Nouvelle’s clientele is trusted. The hair professionals we work with know that our long tradition doesn’t hinder adaptation and innovation. From the formula to the packaging design, we supply ad hoc solutions that will make you stand out.

Nouvelle’s italian professional hair products

We are updated on every trend because it’s fundamental to guarantee different looks and hairstyles. We strive to be fashion-forward. That’s why our Italian professional hair products meet the most demanding needs.


Nouvelle operates in many directions: professional hair color products, hair care, hair treatments.


As we already said, inclusivity is of paramount importance to us: we supply classic and bold hair colors and masks, shampoos and conditioners for fine, curly, and damaged hair, treatments to purify scalp and hair, and so much more.


Find out our HUGE assortment of Italian professional hair products and choose the ones that suit you the most!