Best Professional Hair color products for salons

Best and professional are two adjectives that describe HSA Nouvelle's salon products

HSA Nouvelle is a leader when it comes to its professional salon hair color products. Our offer is the best and the widest you'll ever find on the market!

Come discover it on this page, and get to know all the basics on how to find the best professional hair products for salons and which ingredients they contain.

HSA Nouvelle:

Our best professional salon hair color products

Too much information, huh? Don’t worry, there’s a place where you can find everything you’re looking for without losing your head: it’s HSA Nouvelle!

Here you will have the best professional hair color products and lines for salons at your complete disposal. Why are they the best? Because our in-house specialists have no competition when it comes to their know-how and expertise.

We’ve been manufacturing and offering the best hair color products to worldwide salons and hairdressers for a long time, and you can rest assured that they’ve never been more satisfied!


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Let’s take a look at the color lines you will find chez nous!


// Lively

Let's start with the latest from Nouvelle! Lively is designed to deliver not only vibrant color but also restructuring, conditioning, and protective benefits for hair. This advanced formula combines carefully balanced natural and innovative high-tech ingredients, providing a truly transformative cosmetic experience.

Our dye treatment boasts several remarkable features:

Vegan, Ammonia-free, and PPD-free, ensuring a gentle and scalp-friendly coloring process without unpleasant odors.

• Exceptional results: Achieve 100% coverage of white hair, vibrant and long-lasting color, lightening of up to 3/4 levels, and the ability to tone bleached hair.

Here are some of the professional hair color products in this line:

Post Color Leave In: Available in a 200 ml bottle, this fluid is designed to maintain color, protect, and nourish hair prior to drying, ensuring an extraordinary end result

Ammonia-Free Hair Color Cream: our coloring cream is free from ammonia and PPD, enriched with fermented oils and pomegranate extract. It ensures protective benefits for hair, along with the incredible shine and softness it imparts.

// Color effective

Color Effective is a professional line that offers professional hair bleach products, to lighten or bleach hair with the greatest results! Here are some of the products included in this amazing line:

Decocream: this product guarantees stunning lightening and highlights, even for those with sensitive hair, thanks to the inclusion of precious oils along with its bleaching ingredients. Our formula treats your hair with the utmost care, ensuring it remains structurally intact throughout the easy and safe application process.

Developer: our cream developer is designed to deliver brilliant results. Our gentle formula ensures a soothing application on both your scalp and hair, prioritizing their well-being. 

Nouvelle hair color:  our permanent hair color cream offers vibrant and natural shades while safeguarding the integrity of your hair. Its formula is specifically designed to protect the structure of your hair, ensuring a healthy coloring experience. The diverse range of shades is enhanced with Megalift superlighteners, allowing you to achieve exceptionally light and radiant blonde tones.

// Color Glow

This exceptional line of professional semi-permanent hair dyes from Nouvelle is completely free from PPD. Its professional hair color products are designed to provide long-lasting color and maintenance for your valued clients.

• Rev Up direct coloring masks: for people seeking to revive their faded color. With just one simple application, this mask revitalizes color while also providing hair restructuring and moisturizing properties. 

• Color Maintenance Shampoo: this product delicately cleanses while enhancing its longevity and maintaining a brilliant tone. It guarantees extended color vibrancy and preserves the beauty of cosmetics.

• Revi Oil: revitalizing oil with an instant rinse-out effect. This professional hair color product is perfect for dry, sensitized hair, as well as hair that has been weakened by chemical treatments or excessive styling. It is the ideal solution for restoring vitality to hair, leaving it nourished, rejuvenated, and beautifully revived.


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// Paint Bang

Paint Bang includes our ammonia-free, semi-permanent direct hair coloring, designed to create an eccentric and original look. It ensures a true burst of vibrant colors that can be personalized by mixing multiple shades. And guess what, color holds up to 10 or 20 washes perfectly!

// Espressotime

Little time to care about your hair color? Espressotime is where the best and fastest hair color dyes meet professional salon hair color products. The professional hair color products of this line are formulated with caffeine, which keeps the scalp healthy and strong.

• 10 Min hair color: this hair dye cream works wonders in just 10 minutes, effectively covering white hair and revitalizing the color.

• Stain Remover: it is specially designed to effortlessly eliminate color residues without causing any irritation. The ease and effectiveness of our gentle stain remover, leave skin clean and free from any unwanted color stains.

• Espressotime Developer: With a high content of polyphenols, antioxidants, and caffeine, which stimulates microcirculation of the scalp, this product ensures optimal results when combined with our ESPRESSOTIME Color hair dye.


Look alive and come with HSA Nouvelle to find the best professional hair color products for salons!


// Which Professional Hair Color Products do Salons use?

You’re a salon owner and you’re looking for the best professional hair colored products. How can you identify them? Where can you buy them? How can you trust the manufacturer? I bet these are common questions that have been relentlessly buzzing in your mind.

In order to find the best professional hair color products for salons, you should ask yourself first: What do my clients need? The main issue with coloring treatments is that they’re perceived as damaging and leading to dryness and breakage.

That’s the reason why professional hair color products are those that guarantee the utmost safety to the scalp and the hair while adding some extra special effects such as hydration, nourishment, cleansing…

These are the best hair color products salons must use! Those that:

• are formulated with the highest quality processes
• contain the most effective ingredients
• you can buy from professional brands only

// What's the difference between Salon and Store- Bought Professional hair Color Products?

Now you might think ‘My salon really needs new professional hair color products, I’m gonna check if I can find them at the local store!’. Well, in a certain way, you will find professional hair color products in stores, but unfortunately they’re not the best.

There’s a not-so-subtle difference between the solutions available in stores and the ones you buy from professional brands. The thing is, store-bought professional hair color products are not awful, but they are not as high-quality and effective as the ones made explicitly for salons.

That’s because stores and professionals have different targets:

stores offer solutions to people that prefer DIY dyeing products – not salon habitués – and that look for short-lasting results. Thus, they’re not interested in obtaining a perfect look
 professional brands, instead, offer the best hair color products that are thought and developed for a salon’s clientele that prefers the quality and the safety of a hairdresser’s touch

Do you wanna know more about the best professional salon hair color products?


// The best ingredients in professional hair color products for salons

When it comes to hair color formulations, the best professional products salon must rely on are those that contain the most ideal ingredients – needless to say! Actually, this has to be said loud and clear, ‘cause not every hair color solution might be developed with the safest combination of elements.

For example, store-bought products might contain more sulfate, alcohol, and silicone – which are not necessarily bad, but if there’s no control over their use in formulations, they might lead to irritation, dermatitis, and other skin-related problems.

Professional salon hair color products, on the other hand, are much more tested throughout their developing process. That’s why they contain just the right amount of chemical components – or else, they do not contain them at all!

In fact, professional hair care brands know how to use synthetic ingredients and know deeply well that they’re not as dangerous as they look. With the perfect percentage of them, the hair will be safe and thriving!

Other than these ingredients, the best hair color products for salon resort to:
plant-based ingredients
oil extracts
vitamins and minerals