Environmentally friendly hair care

Take care of the planet with our environmentally friendly hair care products!

In today's world, being conscious of the impact people have on the environment is more important than ever. That's where environmentally friendly hair care comes in!

In this article, we're gonna dive deep into what this amazing trend is all about and introduce you to Nouvelle’s best lines, that'll keep both the hair and the planet healthy and loved.

What is environmentally friendly hair care?

Environmentally friendly hair care goes beyond simply washing and styling hair. It's about making conscious choices that minimize harm to the environment, in fact, every aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully considered to reduce ecological impact. 

The goal is to create a sustainable hair care routine that not only benefits consumers’ locks but also supports the health of the planet.

Here are the main characteristics of this “green” trend:

 Sustainable Ingredients - environmentally friendly hair care products prioritize natural and sustainable ingredients. They steer clear of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Instead, they use plant-based extracts and organic components that are gentle on both hair and the environment

 Cruelty-Free and Vegan - these hair care products are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly so free from any animal-derived ingredients

 Eco-Conscious Packaging - packaging wants its share, too! Many brands use eco-conscious packaging made from recycled materials or biodegradable alternatives. This helps reduce waste and lower the overall environmental impact

 Responsible Manufacturing - brands dedicated to environmentally friendly hair care like Nouvelle often follow sustainable manufacturing practices. They prioritize responsible sourcing of ingredients, reduce water consumption, minimize energy usage, and take steps to lower their carbon footprint and a greener and healthier future for all.


Are you looking for a professional who believes in environmentally friendly hair care? Nouvelle is the right choice.


Embrace Nouvelle environmentally friendly hair care products

If you're eager to incorporate environmentally friendly hair care products into your customers’ routines, you'll be thrilled to know that a range of innovative products has emerged to meet this demand. Nouvelle Solutions are at the forefront of this movement, offering effective hair care solutions while staying true to sustainable principles.

Let’s discover our amazing lines!


Lively offers an advanced professional hair dye treatment that not only colors but also restructures, conditions, and protects hair. This cutting-edge formula combines natural and high-tech ingredients to deliver remarkable results. It's vegan, ammonia-free, and PPD-free, ensuring a gentle and scalp-friendly coloring experience without any unpleasant odors. Post color shampoo, Post color cream, and mask… discover all the products in this super line now!

Body Booster

This explosive line is just perfect for those who are looking for volume and strength in hair with long-lasting results. With active and natural ingredients such as oak extract, linden extract, olive oil derivatives and hydrolyzed keratin, hair will be lighter, softer and stronger. You can find all the products here!

Color Effective

Color Effective is the right one for achieving remarkable hair-lightening and bleaching results. It is designed to deliver stunning lighting and highlights, also thanks to the inclusion of precious oils and gentle bleaching ingredients.


The journey to using environmentally-friendly products is still a long one. Start now! look through our catalog and find the right products for you


Color Glow

This Nouvelle's exceptional line of professional hair dyes is absolutely PPD-free. Its products ensure vibrant, long-lasting color for your customers thanks to the amazing formula that delivers stunning results and effortless maintenance. Vitamin E, linseed oil, and aloe are just some of the active ingredients contained in this line!

Every Day 

Here is a solution for those who need to treat their hair every day. The products of Every Day provide vitality and energy to all hair types and are formulated with gentle ingredients for frequent use.

Paint Bang

Paint Bang is designed to unleash a true burst of vibrant colors. Thanks to this line your customers can let their creativity run wild by mixing multiple shades. And the best part? The color stays vibrant and fabulous for up to 10 or 20 washes, guaranteeing long-lasting brilliance that will make heads turn wherever you go! And guess what? It’s ammonia-free!



With a range of 22 products offering versatile styling and finishing options, thanks to Re-Styling people can sculpt and create limitless looks with absolute freedom and boundless creativity. This line contains ingredients such as calendula extract and other natural substances for the healthiest hair ever.


Espressotime is an exceptional line of professional hair color products enriched with caffeine, ensuring a healthy and resilient scalp for optimal hair care. Ensure your customers the perfect blend of speed, quality, and nourishment.

Double effect

For those who want a nourishing treatment for dry and treated hair, Double Effect is just the top! Its environmentally friendly hair care solutions contain natural ingredients such as hops extract, hydrolyzed keratin, and hydrolyzed wheat proteins to restructure the hair fiber.


When we talk about environmentally friendly hair care, we really mean it. Are you ready to work with us?