Nouvelle & the art of Beauty

Nouvelle is the brand that wants to inspire hairdressers from all over the world with quality products, innovative cosmetic technologies and an exuberant image to emerge like no one!

Nouvelle is the disruptive italian hair care brand that allows the hairdressers to distinguish themselves from the crowd. With a history of over 30 years and distributed in more than 80 countries. Animated by the culture of design, fashion, by advanced cosmetic research and by a strong attitude to the world of art. More than 15 lines of color, styling and treatment, for a fascinating experiential journey in hair salons or at home.

100% made in Italy following vegan friendly and sustainable formulative approaches.


Nouvelle caters to a broad audience – from energetic youth to quality-seeking adults – addressing diverse needs effectively.

Easy & performing

All is crafted for hairdresser comfort, ensuring high performance for them and clients, cultivating optimal working conditions.

Democratically fashion

Color, the brand's core, inspires worldwide hair pros and consumers, fostering expertise in style, innovation, trend-tracking, and self-expression.

Nouvelle and
the concept
of beauty

The soul of Nouvelle is contemporary, colorful, in its DNA we find details of  fashion and design.

The exuberance and originality of the image find solid foundations in the critical interpretation of different artistic periods, cultural movements, painters and creatives who have expressed their concept of color and beauty.
Nouvelle is art, conceptual cubism, or pop disorder, digital graphics or street art, fluid color or geometric rigor. The result of this powerful synergy is a vigorous, disruptive brand that combines product quality with a strong aesthetic personality for an important goal: to inspire hairdressers around the world and allow them to stand out and make uniqueness their fundamental value.


Italian Hair Care Brand

A dynamic communication

A different way of communicating: models who are living a space,a n emotion, a lifestyle in a dynamic way. Nouvelle’s communication system is linked to a non-stereotyped woman, but who lives her individuality and the search for beauty in an absolutely personal way.

The packaging

The graphics are not just a creative game but also the representation of the brand positioning, of the storyand the values: the art of the beauty

A super complete product offer

Animated by the culture of design, fashion, advanced cosmetic research and a creative attitude to the world of art, Nouvelle satisfies the clients’ dreams. More than 15 lines of colors, styling and treatments for an amazing customer experience in your salon or at home.