Beauty salon hair care products

A beauty salon is some kind of fairy place, where all the beauty dreams come true. People go to salons because they know they can rely on the professionalism of trusted hairdressers and on exceptional hair care products.


When your customers come to you and ask for a fresh haircut or a new hair color, I bet you can provide them with professional guidance, am I right? Since you are fully aware of the best hairdos and the most suitable dyes for their hair, you should also be able to offer top-quality hair salon hair care products, am I - once again - right?


I hope so! Otherwise, HSA Nouvelle is here to help all hairdressers and beauty salon professionals identify the salon only hair care products your clientele will die for and where to find them!

Here's what you'll find on this page:

Because offering your clientele beauty salon hair care products will not only improve the quality and professionalism of your service but also drive up your sales.

Where to purchase salon only hair care products

Today the market is full of hair salon hair care products that boast excellent quality and long-lasting performance. But how can professionals distinguish the right ones for their business?


First things first, identify what your clientele is looking for and start noticing their recurring issues and requests. For example:

  • Does the majority of your customers have chronic scalp dryness and can't solve it?
  • Are they vibrant and joyful people looking for the trendiest and most vivacious hair dye?
  • More and more men are asking you the perfect salon hair care product against hair loss?
  • Or are your customers strong, independent people trying to conquer this world with shiny and gray hair-free strands?

Finding the most common needs of your clientele is the most ideal initial step towards the quest for salon hair care products. When you have finally drawn up these macro-areas, you can start to fathom the oceanic depths of the market.


And nope, drugstores are not contemplated among these oceans. In fact, every professional should know by now that quality hair care lines can't be found in these places. Why? Simply because these kinds of products are developed with cheap ingredients and formulas. They can be effective, but they can also put the health of the hair at risk and are definitely watered-. down, so people will have to use them more frequently.


But where to find salon only hair care products that are worth our time? The perfect environment for excellent shampoo and. conditioner lines is the web! On the Internet, you can find so many professional brands and products and contact them for more information or place an order.

Hunting for beauty salon hair care products?

Take a look at our website! We have countless hair products that are perfect for your beauty salon.


The vademecum of choosing salon only hair care products

There are three fundamental rules every professional has to keep in mind in their hunt for top-quality salon only hair care products:

  • meet your target clientele: analyze who your ideal customers are, what's their demographic, their spending habits, which kinds of products they like the most. Mesmerize them in order to create a connection with them.
  • keep an eye on the competitors: take a closer look at the competition, what theyre offering, what are their go-to beauty salon hair care products, and think of what might differentiate your brand from them, so that you'll be perceived as unique.
  • be picky: try to be consistent in the choice of salon only hair care products, because using too many brands at once may not be perceived positively. On the contrary, being picky and choosing fewer product lines to offer your clientele is to say "I only trust the best, and these definitely meet my expectations" Less is more!

Beauty salon hair color products by Nouvelle

What about beauty salon hair color products? What's the secret to finding the perfect ones? Well, just like we said earlier, the best hair dyes and color products are available on professional brands' websites. 


Avoiding boxed dyes is a healthy choice for your clientele: they may even deliver the result they promise, but they can also damage the hair and irritate the scalp. This is why hair dyeing must ALWAYS be performed at the beauty salon.

And for hairdressers, it's so much easier to carry the burden of the professional outcome of a customer's hairdo once they are equipped with effective salon hair color products. Because thanks to them, you can rest assured that your clientele will be happy and satisfied - and will ask you to buy these products for themselves.


HSA Nouvelle takes hair coloring very seriously: we are specialized in this treatment! Thanks to our know-how, we have developed incredible lines of beauty salon hair color products.

Nouvelle's incredible lines of beauty salon hair care products

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, what HSA Nouvelle is able to deliver is unprecedented salon only hair care products of any type. The effort and passion our internal lab puts into the creation of new, sensational formulas is something we are very proud of.


Our core values are based on inclusivity and responsiveness. In. fact, HSA Nouvelle's biggest aim is to provide professionals with. shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments to tackle each and every hair type and issue.

Our full-round service includes:

  • a thorough analysis of the market's demands and prompt answers accordingly.
  • boosts and opportunities to enter the market and be perceived as an established brand.
  • the possibility to broaden your customer base through outstanding beauty salon hair care products.
  • constant updates on the latest hair trends in order to inspire professional brands.
  • the creation, achievement, and design of salon only hair care products for each and every one of your customers.

This is exactly why our lines of hair salon hair care products are Ioved by all the brands that work with us. Want to know the best ones? Keep scrolling!

10 Min Hai Color

As the name suggests, Espressotime is a line of beauty salon hair color products that works in the fastest amount of time: it only takes 10 minutes to deliver a quality effect! Ideal to cover gray hair and revive the color.


Color Glow

Color Glow is the salon hair care line you should offer your customers to brighten, restructure, and moisturize their dyed strands. These products are ideal to protect and maintain color while nourishing the hair.


Paint Bang

Paint Bang is an ammonia-free semi-permanent direct hair coloring, coming in the liveliest and most explosive tones These beauty salon hair care products will give your clientele unique looks and styles.