Hair salon products and service

Let’s cut to the chase: what is HSA Nouvelle and why should you choose its incredible service?

Nouvelle is revolutionary, ever-changing, astonishing, inclusive, and Made in Italy. Since the very first start, we have committed to creating a brand with the highest possible level of responsiveness. Our core value is to bring to each and every one of your customers hair salon products and services that meet their needs.

We strive to inspire professionals and hairdressers with the latest hair care trends. Our goal is to establish your service on the market, make it different and unique, bringing out your personality through our products.

Let the bliss begin and discover the passion and effort we put into developing innovative and performing formulas to dye your clientele’s strands or treat all types of hair and scalp issues.

Hair salon products by Nouvelle

If you were looking for the best, most effective, and completely unprecedented hair salon products, you’re in the right place. Nouvelle has a wide experience in creating formulas for each and every kind of hair.

Our line is so diversified that you will surely find everything your customers are asking for. Nouvelle’s hair salon products include hair coloring and maintenance lines in so many tones and nuances to make the color spectrum wheel so jealous!

And we’re not done yet: we tackle hair and scalp issues efficiently and with a long-lasting effect through specific product lines. Thanks to us, thin hair will regain volume, dry hair will get the best hydration, irritated scalps will be nourished, damaged hair will be repaired and protected, and curly hair will finally be frizz-free!

Take a look at our wide range!


All-round service for you

With 40 years of experience and a consolidated presence on the international market – in over 80 countries – we help every hairdresser and professional in their seek for an exuberant and creative image.

Everything we manufacture exudes art: from the formula to the packaging, we deliver excellent finished goods and assist you in looking for the best hair salon products and services that your clientele requires.

We offer high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and treatments at accessible prices. Professionalism never lacks, because we create, develop, and design our hair care lines down to every single detail. So, what you’ll receive from us will let you distinguish on the market and find new customers.

Now it’s time to join us! Contact us below to know more about Nouvelle’s hair salon products and services.