Salon permanent hair color

Choosing the right hair color can make all the difference in achieving vibrant, long-lasting results for your clients. Salon permanent hair color is an excellent solution for those seeking a durable and impactful change. Explore Nouvelle’s best solutions and all the benefits.

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Our salon permanent hair color solutions

Nouvelle’s salon permanent hair color provides a wide range of shades, ensuring that every client can find their perfect match

Our products are designed with advanced formulas that guarantee rich, vibrant colors that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. 

With over 40 years of experience, we combine innovative cosmetic technologies with a strong artistic influence to deliver top-tier hair care products.

Our salon permanent hair color solutions include:

  • 10 Min Hair Color - This innovative hair dye cream delivers complete white hair coverage and revitalizes color in just 10 minutes. Infused with coffee, it boasts high polyphenol and antioxidant content, alongside caffeine to stimulate scalp microcirculation. Enhanced with ginseng extract, rich in Ginsenoside, it nourishes roots, prevents thinning and breakage, hydrates the scalp, and improves microcirculation
  • Hair Color Cream - Our permanent hair color cream offers bright and natural shades while protecting hair structure. Enhanced with Megalift super lighteners, it achieves extra light and bright blonde tones, available in 12 stunning nuances. Enriched with rice proteins for protection and hydration, Achillea for shiny hair, mallow for soothing and calming effects, and vitamin C as a natural antioxidant, this product ensures vibrant, healthy hair with every use. Perfect for achieving professional salon-quality results
  • Developer Color Effective - Our highly performing cream developer is designed to deliver brilliant results with a gentle formula that's kind to both scalp and hair. Enriched with hydrolyzed rice protein, it provides protection and hydration to the hair. For best results, mix with your preferred coloring cream according to the instructions provided for the perfect ratio. Ideal for professional use, it ensures vibrant and lasting color while maintaining hair health

Make your customers have the hair color they have always dreamed of!

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When choosing permanent color for hair

Permanent hair color is ideal for clients seeking long-lasting results that withstand multiple washes and maintain vibrant hues. 

This type of dye is perfect for:

  • Covering gray hair - Permanent color provides thorough coverage of gray strands, ensuring a uniform and youthful appearance
  • Achieving significant color changes - It allows for dramatic transformations, such as shifting from a dark to a light shade 
  • Enhancing natural hair color - By adding depth and intensity, it amplifies the natural beauty of the hair with a permanent effect

Unlike temporary or semi-permanent dyes, permanent color offers unmatched durability and intensity, making it the preferred choice for substantial and lasting hair transformations.

Why choose Nouvelle’s Salon permanent hair color

Nouvelle stands out with our commitment to quality and innovation. Our permanent hair color products are vegan-friendly and made in Italy, ensuring high production standards. 

Our dedication to sustainability and artistic expression means that our products are not only effective but also environmentally conscious

Nouvelle’s salon's permanent hair color guarantees excellent coverage, vibrant hues, and long-lasting results that keep clients coming back.

We supply salons worldwide

Our excellence in producing salon permanent hair color is recognized globally. We proudly supply beauty salons worldwide, bringing high standards of Italian craftsmanship to an international clientele. 

Incorporate Nouvelle's Salon permanent hair color into your professional toolkit to offer clients the best hair coloring solutions.

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