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Discover vibrant, lasting professional hair color without PPD with Nouvelle's products!

When it comes to professional hair color, achieving vibrant, long lasting results is essential. However, many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the ingredients found in hair dyes, particularly a compound called PPD. Nouvelle has recognized these concerns and offers a solution: professional hair color without PPD Keep reading and find out more about it!.

// Nouvelle's best professional hair color without PPD

Choosing professional hair color without PPD is not only a safe choice but also a smart one. It allows you to provide your clients with beautiful, long-lasting color while minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

Nouvelle's range of ammonia and PPD-free hair color products offers amazing solutions for hairdressers who value both the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

Here some of our best lines:

  • Lively - the advanced formula of our latest line not only imparts vibrant color but also offers restructuring, conditioning, and protective benefits for hair. It's vegan, ammonia-free, and without PPD, ensuring a gentle and scalp-friendly coloring experience. Achieve remarkable results with 100% white hair coverage, long-lasting color vibrancy, significant lightening (up to 3/4 levels), and effective toning for bleached hair
  • Paint Bang - is Nouvelle's answer to those looking for eccentric and original hair color without the drawbacks of ammonia. This semi-permanent direct hair coloring revolutionizes hair, providing a true burst of vibrant colors that can be customized by mixing multiple shades. The best part? All these unique color creations hold up remarkably well, lasting through 10 to 20 washes, ensuring your customers' distinctive look stays vibrant for an extended period
  • Color Glow - Nouvelle's PPD-free Color Glow line is a safe and effective choice for vibrant, long-lasting hair color. With Rev Up masks, Color Care Shampoo, and Revi Oil, you can offer your clients not only stunning color but also the added benefits of hair restructuring and revitalization. It's the perfect solution for those who value both the beauty and health of their hair.

Take a look at our products and find out the right professional hair color for your customers!


// What is PPD?

PPD, or paraphenylenediamine, is a chemical compound commonly found in hair dyes. It's known for its excellent color- creating properties, especially in darker shades.


However, it has raised concerns due to its potential to cause allergic reactions in some individuals that can manifest in various ways. Here are some of the most common.

  • Itchy Scalp - among the most common reactions, itchy scalp often emerges a few hours after applying hair dye.
  • Skin Redness and Irritation - PPD can lead to skin irritations, typically appearing around the hairline, on the scalp, or near the ears
  • Swelling - In more severe cases, PPD may induce facial, eye, or ear swelling
  • Rashes or Hives - Allergic reactions can result in raised, red, and itchy bumps on the skin.
  • Dermatitis - Contact dermatitis is a common response to PPD characterized by skin inflammation, redness, swelling, and the formation of blisters.

Considering the various allergic reactions linked to PPD, it's a good idea to choose hair dyes without this chemical, especially if you or your clients are prone to sensitivity or allergies. This is exactly how Nouvelle's works.

// Choose Nouvelle for your professional hair color without PPD

Nouvelle has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality hair color products that not only provide stunning results but also prioritize the safety and well-being of both hairdressers and clients.


Here's why you should choose Nouvelle for your professional hair color needs without PPD:

  • By eliminating both ammonia and PPD, we offer a hair color solution that significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions while maintaining exceptional color vibrancy.
  • Despite being ammonia and PPD-free, Nouvelle's professional hair color range offers an extensive selection of shades. Whether you're looking for a rich, deep hue or a natural-looking blend of tones, Nouvelle has you covered.
  • Our formulas are designed for professional use, ensuring that your client's hair color remains vibrant and fade-resistant. This means fewer touch-ups and longer-lasting results, which is a win-win for both hairdressers and clients
  • Nouvelle's hair color products are easy to apply, allowing hairdressers to work efficiently and precisely. The consistency of the product ensures even color distribution, reducing the risk of patchiness or uneven results.
  • In addition to beautiful color, Nouvelle's hair color products also provide nourishment and protection to the hair. Your clients can enjoy the benefits of healthier, shinier hair after their color treatment
  • Nouvelle is not just a hair color provider; we are a partner to hairdressers as we offer professional support and education to ensure that hairdressers are confident and knowledgeable about their products.

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