Best professional toner for blonde hair

Take a look at our best professional toner for blonde hair! Make your hair shine!

Blonde hair requires special care to maintain its vibrant and beautiful color. Which one? A specific treatment with a high-quality professional toner.

On this page, we will explore the best professional toners specifically designed for blonde hair and the amazing solutions offered by Nouvelle to make your customers the happiest ever.

Nouvelle's best professional toner for blonde hair

When it comes to the best professional toners for blonde hair, Nouvelle stands out as a trusted brand. Our range of toners is specifically formulated to cater to different blonde shades and deliver exceptional results. From ash blondes to platinum blondes, our professional toners offer precise color correction, leaving your customers’ hair with a stunning, but most important healthy finish. 

Here is what Nouvelle can offer you for the blondest hair ever:

CLEAR FLUID COLOR BOOSTER - this liquid toning dye is a demi-permanent formula that can be used as a gloss when combined with the dedicated activator. It can also be mixed with other shades of liquid toner to adjust the color intensity according to the result to achieve. It perfectly combats yellow bleaching reflections

• NUDE FLUID COLOR SHADE - this liquid toner is a versatile option for neutralizing unwanted tones in your customers’ hair. With its demi-permanent formula, it provides long-lasting color correction without the commitment of permanent dyes. Achieve the perfect neutral shade with ease using these professional-grade toning dyes.

Both these products are part of our Color Effective line, the perfect choice for achieving extraordinary lightening and bleaching outcomes on your clients’ beautiful blonde tresses. 

Specially crafted to provide stunning illumination and captivating highlights, this exceptional line harnesses the power of luxurious oils and gentle bleaching components. 

Take a closer look at Nouvelle’s products for blonde hair!


What is hair toner and what it's for

Do you have any doubts about the actual effectiveness of a hair toner? Let's get some clarity!

When lightening hair, it's not uncommon for underlying pigments to make an unwanted appearance, throwing off the desired tone. But fear not! That's where a professional hair toner for blonde hair can save the day.

Hair toner is like a superhero for your clients' locks, specially formulated to fine-tune and refine the color of bleached or lightened hair. Its main mission? Eradicating any traces of brassiness, and pesky yellow or orange undertones, and transforming them into the gorgeous shade of blonde your customers have been dreaming of.

After the lightning process, it's time for the toner to work its magic. It jumps into action, neutralizing and balancing the color, ensuring a result that's both harmonious and flattering. By carefully selecting the right toner shade, you can say goodbye to unwanted warmth or coolness and hello to a perfectly balanced, natural-looking blonde that suits your customers’ unique style and preference.

How to choose the right toner color for blonde hair

Choosing the best professional hair toner color is essential to achieve the dream blonde hair of your clientele. It's crucial to consider both their current hair color and the desired result. 

Let's delve deeper into the process of selecting the right toner color for blonde locks.

Professional Toner for Cool Blonde Hair

If your customer is aiming for a trendy ashy or cool blonde, look for toners with violet or blue undertones. These magical shades work wonders by neutralizing any unwanted warmth in hair. They help achieve that sleek and icy blonde look that's all the rage.

And What About Warm Blonde Hair?

On the other hand, if you are asked to create a warmer or golden blonde, opt for toners with golden or caramel hues. These warm-toned toners add a sun-kissed radiance to hair, creating a beautiful and vibrant golden blonde.

Can toners damage hair?

When it comes to toners, the question of whether they can damage hair is a valid concern. But here's the good news: when used correctly, toners typically pose no harm to your customers’ precious locks. 

Here are the key factors that ensure a safe and enjoyable toning experience for your clientele:

 Choose the best professional toner for blonde hair - the secret lies in selecting high-quality toners. By opting for reputable brands like Nouvelle, you can ensure that you're using formulations specifically designed to be gentle on people’s hair. 

 Follow application instructions - whether provided by a trusted manufacturer like us or a professional hair stylist, instructions guide you toward achieving the desired results without compromising your customers’ hair's health. Remember, toners are meant to be a temporary solution for subtle color corrections. Avoid leaving them on for extended periods or overusing them, as this could potentially lead to dryness or damage

 Prioritize Hair Health - to strike the right balance, prioritize the overall health and integrity of the hair. Nourishing and caring for strands is essential, this is why advising for a regular hair care routine formed by deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments can be very important for your customers. But most importantly, choose toners composed of natural ingredients. This factor will make you not just a reliable professional, but you will send the message that you work according to a sustainable hair care approach.


Are you looking for an excellent quality professional toner for blonde hair? Choose the best you can for your customers’ wellness. Nouvelle is waiting for you!