The best salon hair products for dry hair

Is dry hair your clientele’s issue? Fear no more

Dry hair is a common hair issue that might affect your clientele more frequently than they even know. It can also be the start of more serious conditions, such as dandruff, scalp irritation, and hair loss.

There’s a way to bring back the strength and tranquility in your clients’ lives: it’s relying on HSA Nouvelle’s salon hair products for dry hair.

From shampoo to post-washing treatments, we can offer you the best solutions in the game.

Nouvelle’s best salon products to defeat dryness down to the last hair

HSA Nouvelle is the brand every professional hairdresser loves.

Why? Because we’re capable of tackling each and every need with effective and long-lasting results.
To fight against hair dryness, here are the salon hair products that will do the trick:

Double effect - the best salon hair products line for dry hair

Let’s start with what’s undoubtedly the most complete line to tackle dryness: here’s Double Effect.

What’s the double effect we’re talking about? The strengthening and nourishing action of this line! These treatments, in fact, are specifically formulated to offer ultra hydration to the hair while protecting them from any damaging external agent.

Double Effect includes the best salon products for dry hair:

• the best professional shampoo for dry scalp
• a no-rinse conditioning foam
• a strengthening treatment for brittle hair
• a nourishing and shining fluid
• a restoring and nourishing mask

The best salon oil to hydrate dry hair is argan active oil

Now, let’s move on to a specific salon hair product every professional knows it’s beneficial for dry hair. We’re talking about True Argan Oil.

Argan oil is THE BEST when it comes to tackling dryness. That’s why we developed our Argan Active line! The oil you will find in our catalog is the ultimate natural oil because it:

• is rich in essential nutrients – such as vitamin E
protects the hair from external agents
• has hair conditioning and emollient properties
repairs damaged hair while preventing split ends
moisturizes dry and frizzy hair

And all these almighty powers are contained in such a tiny bottle! Can you believe it? Apart from this, HSA Nouvelle’s argan oil offers a formula with easy absorption that gives extra shine and gloss to dull hair.

The best professional shampoo for dry scalp is every day's shampoo

Another fundamental solution to balance sebum production in your clientele’s heads is our Herb Shampoo.

This is part of our Every Day line, a hair care line expressly made for frequent use. Our salon professional herb shampoo is the best for dry scalps because it:

• cleanses delicately
• respects the natural balance of hair and scalp
• has hydrating and conditioning properties
• helps reduce dandruff and flakes

The best salon treatment for colored, dry hair is color glow's revi oil

Finally, if your clients are looking for a hydrating, reviving, and protecting product to restore their color-treated dry and damaged hair, Revi oil is what they need.

Hair dyeing and coloring, in fact, can alter the natural hair & scalp balance, thus causing dryness. To solve this issue we included the best salon hair product in our Color Glow line. This oil is ideal for dry and sensitized hair debilitated by chemical treatments or styling.

It’s rich in

vitamin E – which improves scalp flow and restores the health of the hair condition
hydrating and protecting components

The best salon hair products for dry hair are waiting for you

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Why is hair dryness so serious?

Waking up in the morning and feeling your head itchy is not the best feeling. When it happens, the sources of the problem could be dry hair and scalp. And when this happens to your clients, can you properly cope with this issue?

Hair and scalp dryness must be treated with the best and most professional hair shampoos and products in the game. Specifically, those that protect from what causes dryness, which are:

• improper hydration
• environmental factors
• chemical or styling treatments
• specific scalp conditions

Hair dryness is a serious matter because – if not treated as it should be – it leads to other related problems that can worsen your clientele’s hair balance. These can be:

• dandruff and flakes build-ups
• inflammation and psoriasis
• clogged pores
• brittle and debilitated hair
• hair loss

Now, do you see why it’s so important? To help the people that come to your hairdressing salon, you can rely on HSA Nouvelle’s best hair products for dry hair.

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