Salon hair care supplies made by Nouvelle Color

Salon hair care supplies

Elevate your salon to new heights with Nouvelle's premium salon hair care supplies

Are you ready to take your salon to the next level? In the dynamic world of hairstyling, offering your clients the best is not an option; it's a necessity. Nouvelle, a name synonymous with innovation, quality, and style, is here to revolutionize your salon experience with our premium Salon Hair Care Supplies.

Why choose Nouvelle for your salon hair care supplies

As a hairstylist or salon owner, you understand that the quality of the products you use plays a pivotal role in client satisfaction and the success of your business

Withover 30 years of experience, Nouvelle deeply comprehends this principle, and that's why we're your ultimate partner in the world of salon hair care supplies. Here's why choosing Nouvelle is a game-changer:

Expertise and Heritage- Our heritage in the world of hairstyling has allowed us to craft Salon Hair Care Supplies that resonate with both classic elegance and avant-garde trends

• Tailored Collections- We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a diverse range of collections tailored to meet your salon's and clients' unique needs. Whether it's vibrant hair color, nourishing treatments, or styling essentials, Nouvelle has you covered

• Quality Assurance- When you choose Nouvelle, you choose excellence. Our Salon Hair Care Supplies are crafted precisely and adhere to the highest quality standards. Each product is a testament to our commitment to delivering salon-worthy results

Sustainability- The world is changing, and so are we. Nouvelle is proud to embrace sustainable practices in our formulations. As environmentally friendly hair care grows, you can trust that our products align with your values

Artistry and Innovation- We believe that hairstyling is an art, and our products are the tools that artists use. Nouvelle's Salon Hair Care Supplies are designed to empower you to create masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

Are you looking for unique hair care supplies for your salon? Nouvelle’s here for you!

Our salon hair care collections

Are you ready to explore a world of limitless creativity and exceptional salon experiences? Let’s step now into the realm of Nouvelle's collections, where artistry, innovation, and client satisfaction converge to elevate your salon hair care supplies:

Lively- Let’s start with our latest news. This line not only colors hair but also revitalizes, conditions, and safeguards it. This innovative formula, enriched with natural and high-tech ingredients, is vegan, ammonia-free, and PPD-free, ensuring a gentle and scalp-friendly coloring experience. Its remarkable benefits include full coverage of white hair, vibrant permanent color, up to 3-4 levels of lightening, and toning for bleached hair

Color Effective - This permanent dye is designed not only to deliver striking shades but also to nourish and protect hair. With long-lasting color brilliance and fade resistance, it's your go-to solution for vibrant, durable shades

Color Glow-This specialized treatment is perfect for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their hair color while providing essential restructuring and moisture. This unique formula not only maintains and safeguards your customers’ color but also infuses hair with energy, volume, softness, and a stunning shine

And it doesn't end there...

Paint Bang - This ammonia-free semi-permanent direct hair coloring offers an explosion of eccentric and original colors. With the ability to mix multiple shades, this salon line provides a vibrant palette for truly unique looks. From the subtle to the spectacular, Paint Bang offers a stunning array of lively and amazing tones, making it the ideal choice for creating out-of-this-world hairstyles

Espresso Time - This exceptional line safeguards dyed hair from excess color and offers a quick application time. Say goodbye to those unwanted stains on the skin without compromising on the final result. Ideal for those seeking a hair dye that balances porosity and prevents color stains with ease

Free from SLS/SLES and parabens, these products offer enhanced performance while maintaining their unique, indulgent sensory experience.

As you can see, Nouvelle offers hair care supplies that are effective and, more importantly, capable of genuinely meeting any need

And guess what? The lines you’ve just discovered are just a few of the magical world of Nouvelle!

Are you curious to explore it all?