Professional hair dye without Ammonia

Say goodbye to ammonia and hello to vibrant, healthy hair with Nouvelle's professional hair dye!

If you are looking for a professional hair dye without ammonia, Nouvelle stands out as a game-changer in the world of hair coloring. Ammonia, a harsh chemical commonly found in hair dyes, can wreak havoc on hair's health and overall appearance. With Nouvelle, you can achieve stunning, salon-quality results while caring for your customers' well-being.

// The power of Nouvelle's professional hair dye without ammonia

Imagine transforming your customers' hair color without the strong odor and potential damage associated with ammonia-based dyes.  At Nouvelle, one of the best professional hair color manufacturers, we make this a reality with our innovative formulas. Here's why choosing our ammonia-free hair dye is the best choice you can make:


  • Gentle on hair - Ammonia can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Nouvelle's ammonia-free formulas are gentle and nourishing, helping to maintain your hair's softness and shine


  • Vibrant, long-lasting color - Nouvelle's professional hair dye delivers a rich, fade-resistant color that lasts. Say goodbye to dull and washed-out hues, and hello to head-turning shades that stand the test of time
  • Less chemical exposure - Ammonia can cause skin and eye irritation, making the hair coloring process uncomfortable for many. Our ammonia-free dyes minimize the risk of skin and eye irritation, ensuring a more pleasant experience for your customers


Now, let's dive into two of Nouvelle's exceptional product lines. that offer excellent professional ammonia-free hair dyes.

// Lively Line

Nouvelle's cutting-edge laboratories have introduced an advanced hair coloring treatment that goes beyond mere pigmentation: our new Lively line. During the coloring process, it actively revitalizes, nourishes, and shields your customers’ hair.




This exceptional cosmetic performance is achieved through a meticulously balanced combination of natural components and state-of-the-art technological innovations. Our formulas are not only vegan but also without ammonia and PPD, ensuring a hair-friendly coloring experience devoid of any unpleasant odors.


The outcome? Remarkable results include permanent color, complete coverage of all white hair, lightening capabilities of up to three to four shades, and toning effects ideal for bleached hair.


Here are the amazing products you can find in the Lively line:


Mildeco, with high lightening capacity and effective protective action

Post Color Shampoo, which keeps hair healthy after each chemical 


Ammonia Free Hair Color Cream, which protects hair and gives extreme shine and softness

Post Color Cream Gel, which moisturizes hair after drying

Post Color Leave-In, which protects and nourishes hair before drying

Post Color Mask, which moisturizes and makes hair soft and healthy


Discover more about our professional hair dye without ammonia of the Lively line!


// Paint Bang Line

If you’re looking for an eccentric and unique appearance, our professional and semi-permanent hair dye without ammonia from the Paint Bang line is the best choice you can make.


This line is a veritable burst of vibrant shades that can be personalized by blending various hues: it's an explosion of breathtaking colors, an entire cosmos of the liveliest and most astonishing tones to satisfy every eccentric, original style.


Each color holds up to 10 or 20 washes perfectly, and you can choose between standard and light pastel shades! 


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